What kind of girls do guys look for?

If a guy wants a girlfriend, what kind of girl would he look for. Physical and personality wise helps!


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  • Every guy has different tastes.I want a girl who has much in common with me in terms of taste in arts (meaning music, film, etc.), shares similar viewpoints with me, and someone who communicates in the same way I do. Physically, I'm not really that picky, as long as she's average I'm fine.


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  • Physically, I'm super attracted to girls with bigger body types, not too skinny, or too muscular, but avg or meatier with a cute face. Personality wise, definitely someone who can joke around. As corny/cheesy as it sounds I want to find someone who is not only my lover but I feel is my best friend. I want someone who is loyal and I can trust above all. If I don't feel that, I probably won't want to make a move.

  • You shouldn't worry about that. You shouldn't try to be anyone other than yourself and the guy you are supposed to be with will like you for that reason. Besides, I'm sure that every man would have a different answer.

  • Well I like thicker girls or jsut big butts with a pretty face and I flirty personality but smart as well, I hate stupid girls or girls taht act stupid.

  • I personally don't look for a girlfriend. It's just when ever I see and meet a pretty girl and I become friends a then if I like her and she like me too I try to make us more than friends

  • Her sense of loyalty, and punctuality is paramount to me...

    Next comes her looks - should be on the taller side with long legs and a nice backside... breasts don't impress me too much.

    Common interests - at least sharing half of mine...

  • I don't know what other guys look for.

    But I'm looking for a girl who wants sex all the time, who I find physically attractive and who is not a total bitch.

    And I warn men who don't look for this too because most women are going to AT THE VERY LEAST talk a big game because they know how important sex is to men. (and this is even if they HATE sex)

    So even if as a man you don't have a high sex drive, its better you look for one that wants it all the time because at least then the chances are she at least likes it a little and isn't pretending to like it.

    I mean think about it, it would be like a guy pretending to like country music (even though he hates it) and every-time he takes her out he plays that music all the time in his car and does it all day long and burns cds for her and has a collection of country music videos on his computer, etc.

    He could go to that extreme but he'd also be stupid and less likely to actually hate the stuff.

    So when and if you ever get married, they will be less likely to use sex as a weapon, or not put out because they "dont feel like it" and they will never look at sex as something you are using against them and they won't ever feel like they are "obligated" to have sex with you.

    You know if I ever won the lottery do you think I would feel "obligated" to go get the money?

    Of course not.

    People don't feel obligated to do things they ACTUALLY LIKE doing.

    If anyone tells you otherwise they are LIARS.

    • So basically all you want to date is a slut...

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    • All men are NOT like me. MOST are.

      Just like most women care about money. I never said ALL of them. "most" 80%

      Both men and women have to acknowledge this fact or deal with the lower 20%.

      Even the 20% have the desire to have a man with money, they just push it down.

      Just like the bottom 20% of men. Same thing. They feel like their inherent desires are icky.

      But that doesn't change the fact that 100% of everyone have these desires.

    • " I don't get attracted to guys who have tons of money, but rather who have great personalities."

      Wait till you get older and date a bunch of losers who can't afford to go on dates who stay home and play xbox instead of looking for a job.

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  • Different guys look for different things. I think that (looking past physical appearance) most just want a girl who understands their quirks and will roll with them. This does not mean that you have to be the guy's doormat, but you should have enough in common that you can enjoy his company, his stories, etc.