Why did this girl give me a nervous look?

It was strange I was walking from the bank and I caught this girl looking at me but like nervously. I didn't have a mean look on my face I was having an awesome day. I did have sun glasses on but that was it. Usually when this happens it kind of makes me upset and insecure because I think that they are afraid of me which they shouldn't be because I'm anything but mean!


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  • It's probably not personal. Women are told to be cautious about strange men, and if they think about this kind of thing a lot, they can't even enjoy themselves and be relaxed when they're simply running errands.

    • Geez thanks for calling me strange that really doesn't help me out :(

    • Besides I'm not a strange person I'm out going

    • Haha oops, by "strange men" I mean strangers who are men. Not weird men.


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  • maybe you look like someone she knows- someone who makes her nervous. maybe when she was eyeballing you, she was thinking "sh*t, there he is! I hate that guy... wait, is that him? I think it's him. Maybe it's not him. It could be him. Or not."

    I know I have done that to people before- it wasn't anything personal, I was just trying to figure out if they were that person I didn't like or not. And my face is extremely animated, so I know I have looked at people ALL kinds of crazy.

  • you shouldn't take it personally. even if she was nervous, it probably had nothing to do with you. you just happen to come to eye to eye with her at that second.

  • I don't think it has anything to do with you. She's probably nervous around many people.


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