Girls: would you marry a rich old man?

would you? do you think it's possible to really love him? or would you just marry him because of his money? be honest!

there are a lot of supermodels that date rich old men. I don't know why they date them, cause they are also rich and they don't depend on his money. what is the secret behind rich old men? are some girls attracted to mature men? are they attracted to power? what is it?


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  • Rich old men need love too!

    I think most younger women who end up with wealthy older men (and I mean really old like nursing home age) think that money could buy them happiness. It's a mistake most people who have lived a less than modest life make. They think money paves the way to happiness.

    I don't begrudge women who choose money instead of love. What I don't like is the hypocrisy, when they pretend it was for other reasons besides an easier life style. Maybe that's what they tell themselves to make it easier to give up love for money.

    But I only apply that to men who are gasping their last breaths and popping viagra like candy. There are plenty of very attractive older men that still got the looks, the body, and everything a man needs to bag himself a sweet young thing. Money is just bonus.

    • Well, health willing, my wife will end up with an old not-so-rich man, when we both will be old. Don't dare to write we're old already, you ***!!! ;-) !D

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  • Heck no I would never marry an old man for money (and highly doubtful I would fall in love with him even without money). Reason being? There is too much of an age gap. I grew up in a well off family. We are not rich but we are above average. My parents enstilled in me the importance of enjoying life and conserving money. Money helps with financial stability but I don't rely on it to be happy. In fact, having too much money (yes it's a possibility) can make some people really unhappy. The secret behind huge age gaps in a marriage is usually money and financial stability. Rarely is there true love but it's not impossible.

  • Nope, I don't get it. I'd rather be poor and in amazing love than be super wealthy with a man that I don't care for. I like older men but not anything more than 5 years older.

  • i wouldn't, not only would it be gross to wake up to ever morning. but I like to know I'm independent and don't need some guy to get the things I want.

    but I have nothing against people who do, I supose it would be easier, I'm just not for it :)

  • I think the majority of young women that marry rich old men are golddiggers. Even women who have money are attracted to men with money-they wouldn't date a poor guy no matter how rich they were themselves. Of course, there are some women that are attracted to older men and they do say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Personally, I could never find an old guy attractive and I'm not a golddigger so there is no way I would marry a rich old man.

    • "Even women who have money are attracted to men with money-they wouldn't date a poor guy no matter how rich they were themselves." mhhh.. are you sure? just look at madonna. her new boy toy isn't rich and powerful at all. he's just a hot looking young man. why would a rich girl/woman want to date an old "worn out" man? she doesn't need his money, she needs his strong and powerful penis in her puss. don't you agree?

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    • Even if I were the poorest human being ever, I'd NEVER EVER f*** madonna. NEVER! ewww, that would be so disgusting! I feel so sorry for madonna's new boy.

    • Haha yeh if I was a guy I wouldn't touch her either lol.

  • At the age I'm at now, there's a certain age limit that allows no white hair. But if I was older and I was in love, than yeah, I would marry him. If you love someone, the details like age matter less. Sure, realistically we wouldn't have that long together, but it would be worth the time if we loved eachother.

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  • Power is an important aspect: reread Jung.

    Carla Bruni isn't so young anymore, 40, I believe but she is very rich, as well from heritage (her father 's biggest shareholder in Pirelli) as from her modelling an singing career, yet she married that French egotistic dwarf.

    Some marry old men DESPITE their age, some very rare (those girls who are unsure about themselves) are blinded by his experience of life, his "style" (whatever that is in their eyes) but most girls who marry old men have obvious $-signs in their eyes an $-ideas in their head.

    Smart old men use prenuptial, smarter old men use trust funds.

    Why do older men do it? Not that much for sex, but for their image, to show off to the world they're not that old and that they can get "the best", be it in clothes, cars, hotels or chicks. For those women, the feeling they're considered as "best" or "upmarket luxury" is perhaps the deciding factor.

    The real gold diggers get pregnant as soon as possible and call it "love" ROTFLMAO.

    Male gold diggers can't.

  • There are girls who like much older men, regardless of wealth. They are rare though. I'm guessing maybe 1 in 100.

    Much more common is the gold digger.