Girls: would you marry a rich old man?

would you? do you think it's possible to really love him? or would you just marry him because of his money? be honest!

there are a lot of supermodels that date rich old men. I don't know why they date them, cause they are also rich and they don't depend on his money. what is the secret behind rich old men? are some girls attracted to mature men? are they attracted to power? what is it?


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  • Rich old men need love too!

    I think most younger women who end up with wealthy older men (and I mean really old like nursing home age) think that money could buy them happiness. It's a mistake most people who have lived a less than modest life make. They think money paves the way to happiness.

    I don't begrudge women who choose money instead of love. What I don't like is the hypocrisy, when they pretend it was for other reasons besides an easier life style. Maybe that's what they tell themselves to make it easier to give up love for money.

    But I only apply that to men who are gasping their last breaths and popping viagra like candy. There are plenty of very attractive older men that still got the looks, the body, and everything a man needs to bag himself a sweet young thing. Money is just bonus.

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      Well, health willing, my wife will end up with an old not-so-rich man, when we both will be old. Don't dare to write we're old already, you ***!!! ;-) !D