What should I work out more?

Ok, so lately I've been thinking to myself, what is a lady's favorite body part on a guy. I am 5"11 and have a really good chest, great shoulders, and my best attributes are my arms and butt. I don't have a six pack, because I very rarely work my abs out. So, does this appearance seem sexy to any ladies. If not what is your favorite physical attributes on a guy? (I've been told it was a dudes butt a lot of times, but do you ladies really get turned on by a nice butt?, if you do what should I wear to show my butt off lol ik I sound like a girl but I'm just wondering?)


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  • Arms and shoulders. Abs don't do anything at all for me, but arms and shoulders are so hot, and so there. I love ogling guys carrying stuff, that's just so... mmmmm. And if the guy happens to have a nice shoulder tattoo, oh-la-la. Butts are hot too, I guess but they're not the first thing I look at.


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  • Your brain. I sh*t you not, it's my favorite.

    • This question was directed at physical attributes, not mental ones.

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    • Heh, you're a minority figure.

    • That's what I'm hearing- and seeing, too. It's a low down dirty shame.

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  • Chest, arms, abs.