What do you think of a classy-casual style (male)?

Just curious, I have a really quirky style. What do you think of a creative smart-casual style? I often wear strait-leg jeans, long sleeved buttoned shirts, and dark colors or cool patterns. Also the sometimes the odd accessory like a medallion or black trilby, or a scarf (but not all at the same time).


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  • I like it,

    but I have to say,though that all sounds extremely good in theory, experience on this site has taught me that most guys who describe their style as "classy, casual" aren't necessarily nailing it the way they think they are, just because you're wearing a shirt and and certain cut of jeans doesn't mean you're wearing it well,

    as for the creative thing, again, I like it in theory, when it's pulled off right, but without actually seeing a picture of what you define as "creative smart-casual" it's hard to say whether you're really on the right path.

    • Ah, good answer. I'll bear that in mind.


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  • More men should dress this way, I love it!

  • Very nice, sounds sexy.


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