Is this a normal dress size for my height?

I'm 5'10.5" and between a size 6-8US (usually a medium). I wear a 34D for bras, so I guess I'm reasonably well-proportioned. I'm considered to be within the normal weight range, according to BMI charts, but all of my girl friends are so much shorter than me, that it's hard not to feel big (or less feminine) sometimes, regardless.


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  • You are a very tall woman but you sound well proportioned. I'm only 5'8" and my guy is around 6'1 but very thin. So if I pack on any extra lbs (like the 10 I put on over winter, worked back off 6 though so doing good lol), I start to feel big when I'm around him, which makes me feel less feminine :( So I can relate to that feeling. It's natural for you to feel that way being so much taller than your mates but some of the prettiest women I know are really tall. My ex's sister is 5'10" and she's gorgeous. I also work with a nurse who is about 6'0" and exceptionally beautiful as well :)


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  • I am 6'6" and 270lbs and according to charts I am "obese" with a 30.5 BMI. Ironically I have absolutely no fat on me and am all muscle. I wouldn't worry too much about the charts.

    • I'm not worried about the charts; I guess I'm just worried about being less feminine because I'm tall and therefore heavier than my shorter girl friends.

    • I'd love to find a girl who matches your description. So don't worry!

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  • you are very tall and that tends to make girls look 'bigger' even if they are as skinny as a shorter girl but you are not overweight. 30-36 are all good band sizes for bras. Around a 38 band size is when girls start getting fat so you are good

  • It isn't normal at all, but it is extraordinary

    • What do you mean? :S

    • You have a body that is very nice and nothing to worry about :)