For all the tall ladies out there (5'7" and up), how much does height matter in liking a guy?

I myself stand at 5'10 EXACT barefoot which I don't how much taller I would be with shoes on. I'm just curious how much height factors in determining a tall woman's attraction towards a guy of similar height because I have a higher preference towards them. And for the girls above 5'10, have you ever dated a guy shorter than you? If so, please describe the experience. If not, would you date a guy shorter than you?

Please state your age, race, and height.


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  • I would prefer someone taller than me. I'm 20, white, and 5'7. My first boyfriend was 6'7, and my current is 5'10-ish. I would like the guy to be at least my height, prefer taller. However this is not a deal breaker. If a guy is a few inches shorter and I'm still attracted to him then whatever, height is not everything.

    I do not mean to sound shallow, but if he is like half a foot shorter than me I would honestly start to feel unfeminine. I do not think any girl wants to feel bigger than her boyfriend. This probably relates to how guys are supposed to "protect" girls, and it seems strange when they are physically shorter than you. I'm not saying to overcompensate you should learn to fight or carry a weapon to "protect" yourself. It is just something where girls might feel self-conscious about themselves.

    • No thank you for elaborating. I totally 100% agree with what you said, especially on the part about the female natural instinct of yearning for a "protector".

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  • Im caucasion, 21 and 5'6. Personally I would never date a guy that's shorter than me, that's just not my thing. Height doesn't matter though, as long as the person is taller. And there are TONS of super cute short gals out there. I know a few girls actually who've dated guys that they are taller than and by a significant amount. Its just preference :)

  • Well I never dated a guy, but I've had short guys like me... it's somewhat awkward but it doesn't matter if you really like them :) I'm 19, white, and 5'10"

  • Height doesn't matter at all to me my crush is 5' and I'm 5'10 so I don't thnk it matters at all :)

    • Oh wow, that's a big height difference but cute nevertheless. :)


  • I'm 19 white and 5'8. I just want my guy taller than me:)

    • yeah, I'm the same height as you. A guy around my height or taller is fine.

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    • @Yazu-chan: Kudos!

    • Well that's why I want him at least a little taller so I could wear heels still without it being awkward:)

  • Im 5'8 and I preffer 6ft and taller but its just my preference.

  • I'm 5'8",

    I prefer the guy to not be a lot taller. Anywhere from 5'8" to 6' is the best, IMO.

    • Cool! I'm happy to learn there is one of you out there that actually loves dating around her height! Just like me! :)

    • Indeed! It makes everything way easier.

      As long as I'm not "bigger" than him, I don't even mind being a bit taller really

  • 20, 5'9" white (why race?)

    I don't care much at all. If someone were short enough to make being physical with them actually difficult or uncomfortable because of height, then... well, that would be what it was. But I don't have some height cutoff, and I don't need to date someone taller than me.

    • It somewhat matters because the average height for each ethnicity is not the same. For instance, white/black women's average height is much higher than that of other ethnicities in the US. So it matters to the point of societal norm/personal preference on whom you date.

      I ask for age as well because I believe pre-college students are less biased about the issue than young adults. I may be wrong about that, I hope.

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