Why do guys look at our feet?

Seems like the first thing they look at. y is that so important if a girl has pretty feet or not?


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  • Usually girls are complaining the guys look first at their breasts or ass.

    • That too but the feet thing cracks me up cause every guy I get with checks them out. I'm just wondersing what it is about feet. lol! Its not a bad thing. I like that they look cause I know my feet are nice.

What Guys Said 3

  • not the first thing.. but it is noticeable. honestly, if a girl has gross looking feet is a huge turn off for me. it goes in the same category as taking care of yourself

  • I have a major think for pretty feet. It is NOTHING like crazy weird fantasies. I just admire pretty and well kept feet and of course I take that as my first lead in determining if the girl is attractive or not. I would rather go for an otherwise 6/10 girl with beautiful, clean, painted and well shaped / sized / arched feet than a otherwise 9/10 with dirty, cracked, crooked-toed, wide heeled and/or big feet. That is why after the rest of her catches attention, unconsciously, the first thing I check after that is her feet.

    • I gather from a comment of yours that you have attractive feet. Take it as a compliment.

What Girls Said 3

  • maybe they're shy. I mean, I do my own pedicure to save money and sometimes it's to see if you take care of your feet I guess. one of my ex's always looked at my feet too. good question.

  • Lol some have foot fetishes, I don't know I've never known guys to look at feet first. Tbh I hate feet-they creep me out lol they're just really strange and I know soo many peeps that are the same lol. Although I do know one guy with a foot fetish and he creeps me out.

  • believe it or not, most of the guyz I knw including my ex in love with feet, its too important for them for couple of reason's, one bcuz if she doesn't take care of them they think that means that she doesn't take care of herself (probebly true), and and another reaon for some other guys it is a turn on, my ex used to love sucking my feet and that was a turn off to me and a turn on to him, weird I knw!