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Heya, it's me again. Seems like I got a lot of "hate" on here last time I asked you guys a question, but bear with me. I'm still into that nerdy boy (for those of you who have been folloing my last questions). And two times last week he almost stumbeled into me. He seems frighten each time, but last time he smiled while turning around again. The most adorable smile I've ever seen, he looked so happy. He rarely smiles. I think I wasn't supposed to see that smile, but I did. And it gave me the feeling that he likes me. My friends have caught him saring at me, but ONLY when I look in the other direction. Andy super-nerdy boys that know what this means?

So, his only friend told my friends to tell me that he likes me. Wow, score! From you people that have ben following my earlier questions. He said no to hang out with me at first because he said he don't know me well enough. But it turns out he really wanted to. I have some work to do now, but hey; let's do this!


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  • I was like that in high school.

    He;s NOT used to a girl liking him or the way you do things. So he has NO idea on how to act or what is right or wrong. So he's like a lost sailor at sea...

    In this case YOU need to be the one to break the ice and make him feel comfortable. Sit next to him, ask to hang out at lunch or afterward at the end of the day.

    The sad part is YOU will kinda have to do some of the work at first. But if you like him GO for it. I can tell you now he WON'T go for it just because he is SHY and NERVOUS


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  • ...screw what it "means", if you like him ask him out! Even if he's shy, just do it. Stop with the guessing games on every little move he makes.

  • Im not SUPER nerdy lol, but he seems shy.

  • What's Norway like?


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