Why did he tell all his colleagues about me?

recently this guy who works in my company in different department found out I like him. it turns out he has a girlfriend so that ended really fst. but now I see him looking over at me when he thinks I'm not looking and when I catch him he looks away. I also see some of his male colleagues look over at me now. which leads me to believe that he has said something to them. its super embarrassing and I am annoyed at him cos I hate this kind of attention. I feel as thought they are laughing at me. so guys have you done this before? and what do you think from a male perspective, has he been saying about me.

just to add I didn't throw myself at him I don't even know him we both know a mutual someone and I simply made an enquiry about him. asking whether he was single, the middle person wasn't supposed to tell him but unfortunately they did.


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  • It seems that he's into you.

    Good sign.


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