Am I thinking too much into this?

when sitting next to me he put his hand on my leg for a couple of seconds and looked at me, when walking by me he kicked my foot intentionally then turned around and looked at me, he walked up and put his hand on my lower back, he walked by me closely and brushed against me, all within the past few weeks. I only see him once a week. am I thinking too far into it or do you think he likes me? is he just being friendly? he talks to me a lot too


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  • Nah, a guy wouldn't do these things if he's just being friendly. He defiantly without a doubt likes you. Now the question is, do you like him back?

    • yes but he is significantly older than me

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    • hes 40 and I'm 21

    • Yeah, some people wouldn't care about an age gap like that but I sure would, and I see you agree with me. If he gets out of hand, just politely tell him to back off or something.


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  • He really is into you. You're not thinking too much.


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  • Yea, he likes you a lot. Plus its really sweet the way he's going about it :3 Try increasing the amount of time you see each other, so you feel more confident yourself that he likes you.

    I wish you the best! and don't worry about the age gap, age gaps only matter when the female/male is under the age of 14 and the other is over 18. There is a 30 year difference between on of my friends and her partner, so don't worry about it.