Am I being played or just reading too much into things?

Bf of almost 2 years tells me he's probably going home after he gets out of work when I asked if he'd be going out because I was out w my gf's and wondered if I'd be seeing him. Tells me to have fun. About 2 hours later I run into him at our local bar which he said he knew I'd most likely be at and joked he was stalking me. Should I be concerned that he said he was probably going home and didn't give me a heads up he'd be out or am I reading too much into this? He did stay by my side and I told him to go back to his friends which he did for about 10 min after a good 45 min w me then came back. I saw him look over at me while I was dancing w my gf's and looked like he was coming over then walked to the other side 3 min later he came to me. Stayed another hour then left to go home. I stayed out w the girls.

Thanks all gir your responses. Maybe I am reading a bit into it but he has done this boyfriend where he said he was going home then I find out days later he was out because s friend if mine saw him. I got mad and he said he didn't tell me because he was scared I'd be upset that he changed his mind.
He did this once before not boyfriend


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  • As a semi-psycho girlfriend (not THAT bad I swear) I would absolutely hate the fact that my boyfriend told me he was going home and ended up out and would probably question it just like you are. That being said, as an outsider looking at the facts, it really doesn't seem like anything sketchy is going on. He probably just changed his mind and didn't want to bother you since you were out with your girls. If it was my boyfriend I would have been a little ticked that he didn't at least message me but it's not like you're his babysitter. I really wouldn't worry about it and just let it go. If it really seriously bothers you, you could bring that up to him, but honestly I think the best thing is to just let it go, only say something if this is like something you're losing sleep over.

    • cont from comment above, he said he was going to text me that he was going to be in same spot as me but knew I was w the girls and didn't want to bother me and knew where id be going so he wanted to make it more of a surprise...

    • Aw well that's kind of sweet. As long a you know he's honest I wouldn't worry about it.


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  • If you've been dating him for 2 years he knows you well enough to know where you like to hang out. He might just be trying to tell you that he wants to spend more time with you in his own weird way. I wouldn't read as much into as you are though. I'd suggest hanging out with him, just the two of you alone, and bring up this topic with him. If you've been datin him for two years you should be comfortable enough with him to discuss this.

    • Thx for your response. Surprised to hear your view though. With what I have added do you still think the ssame?

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    • Honestly as good as any of our advice is, it truly comes down to you and him just talking it out. Id your relationship is worth having, you two will work it out.

    • thanks katoremus - you're right :)

  • You should be concerned. He lied to you.

    • Is it a lie though because he said I'll probably go home?

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  • I actually think that he did know you would be there and HE"S the one checking up on you making sure you're not cheating on him.. and he probably wants to spend more time with you..

    • Funny you say that because a friend of mine said that too and I joked around w my boyfriend SBD said she thought he was spying on me and he was like nooo.

  • Woah so this has happened before? K red flags are going up now.

    • yes he did it once before and I got very upset but then we talked about it and I kinda understood where he was coming from because he said he thought id get mad so I figured he was scared of me or something. This time he said he wanted to surprise me that he knew more than likely where id be and that he knew we'd run into each other... we soke about it today but I made it very nonchalant...