How do I stop feeling so ugly?

I feel like looks are everything and I'm ugly. My boyfriend says I look good, but I don't believe him. How do I stop feeling so ugly?

The reason I feel ugly is because I have a round face and I'm like 40 pounds overweight. I've lost a lot of weight since December, but I still feel ugly. I feel like angled faces are more attractive and I am not attractive. I won't wear makeup because I feel really fake so that's like complaining and no nothing about it.


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  • Stop being so insecure. You should try to have an overall make over and try to be beautiful. Wear makeups. Wear sexy dresses.

    • But I feel like trying doesn't help because I still feel ugly.

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  • I see that you mentioned you lost weight. Have you been going to the gym or is it all through diet? Working out and seeing results is an amazing feeling.

  • Being overweight is a health issue, not just a cosmetic issue. So I congratulate you on your efforts so far.

    As for beauty, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people will find you attractive. Some won't. That's just life. You should believe your boyfriend.


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  • I know but baby face = cute and look young longer. Keep losing weight. It takes your mind to retrain itself because you have been telling yourself years that you are ugly so change it to believe you are beautiful. Every feeling and thought affect and shape the brain. You need to mentally retrain! Good luck.