Highlights on dark hair - yay or nay?

i have v. dark hair, want to get highlights and possibly go as near to blonde as I can go...just wondering what's the best thing to ask the hairdresser for? like what colours? also my hair is curly so its fairly dry and is there anyone who thinks this is a bad idea?


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  • Hey Girl My Hair Pretty Much Sounds Exactly Like Yours . What You Should Ask For Is Caramel Highlights . Stay Away From Anything Copper Or Auburn Or Bronze Because Combined With Our Dark Hair , It Will Make Your Highlights Look Red! Your Going To Want To Stick With More Of The Colors With A Yellow Under Tone . I Learned This The Hard And Expensive Way ! Every Color That I Thought Was Perfect Just Didn't Turn Out Blonde Enough Or Natural Enough Combined With My Dark Brown Hair. My Stylist Suggested Using This Stuff That Works Like A Bleach All I Remember Is That It Was Purple ) And You First Put That On The Strands Of Hair Marked For Highlighting And Leave It On For A Little Bit And Then Use A Toner/ Color . My Hair Came Out Amazing !

    • Thanx hun,im gonna ask for caramel,i want to put other tones with it, the aim is that it will look as natural as possible fingers crossed!


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  • i say Caramel Highlights or White. I would go with caramel tho because the white will mess up ur hair.