Staring into a girls eye?

i was just wondering, guys in general that I talk to keep looking into my eyes and its so intense I just get so uncomfortable?

and also this guy that I was working on with a project, just watches me and then smiles or laughs a little and then looks into my eyes.

i Haven't got a clue what this all means?


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  • It seems that you're really attractive that they can't stop looking at you. That's a common behavior among guys who find the woman sexy.


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  • I don't think it always means the same thing. I tend to keep eye contact with people, at least when we are talking. I think it's the facial expressions that happen during the eye contact that will give you clues to what he is thinking.

  • i genearlly do all those things when I get mesmerized by a girl's look. by that smile he is thinking about your beauty. I also say "f***" and shake my head when I see a very beautiful girl. but just to myself not letting the girl hear it.


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