Is this girl into me or my jokes?

So I do stand up in the clubs around town and one day this really cute girl came in mid set and I kind of joked with her, since then she's been at 4 of my 6 shows and all were at different bars and every time I'm up their she smiles and looks at me with a look that kind of looks like I want to take your pants off or it could be this guy sucks but he's cute type of look. so if she's at my show tonight should I approach her or maybe do a bit that kind of hints at it? what do you suggest my friends

well turns out she wasn't into me...she was just an alcoholic. allow me to elaborate, I walked up to her and said, hey thanks for coming out, I appreciate it. she goes, look buddy not interested...and I go in what? she goes you, your funny but you look like a who from whoville who got hooked on meth. and now that's in my routine.


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  • Go for it! Really what do you have to lose? You might just get yourself a date with a cute girl!

    I would approach her and say something like you've noticed her at your shows and you appreciate her coming out. That's a fail-safe way of starting a conversation.

    I honestly think she's into you, especially since she's come to a lot of your shows in different locations and smiles at you the whole time. Talking to her is the only definitive way you'll know!

    Good luck!


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  • I'd be a little careful; you don't want to be accused of harassment, and you're a target for women who like to bring such charges. Women who go to stand up shows, they aren't your average girl, as you probably have learned.

    But that said, clearly she wants you to notice her. You can always find a way to slip her your number during the show.

    But again, be caeful here. Anyone in 'show' business knows there are groupies, and most people in that line have learned to ignore them.


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  • go for it.

  • You really should approach her and start flirting.