How do you lose your virginity to an "experienced" guy?

Okay, I love my boyfriend so much! Our year-anniversary is coming up soon. I want to do something very special for him... I want to have sex with him... I'm ready now, and I know he is. The only problem is, I'm a virgin... I don't know how its going to be. I don't want to be bad... And I know it will hurt... I'm not worried about that... Its just what if he doesn't like my body? And I don't shave down there... Is that normal? What will he say? I love him, so I want to be the best for him...


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  • It's simple really, you have sex with him.

    A lot of guys like bald vaginas, but some like unshaven ones. If he wants to have sex with you, he has no problems with your body.

    Best way to go about things, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.


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  • He's been with you a year. Come on, he's gonna like everything about you naked.


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  • Alright...My first time I was REALLY scared. My boyfriend had never seen my body before and I was really uncomfortable with my body...

    I knew that I wasn't abnormal or anything...But I didn't know if he would like it or not. The second he saw me naked his jaw just dropped. I laughed and he started laughing as well, turns out both of us were scared. We didn't know what each other would think of the others body but honey, when it comes down to it, its you and him. He loves you, and he will love you with or without clothes on.

    Several girls don't shave down there because it itches reallllyyy bad. I talked to my boyfriend about it before hand and he said that it was fine. He didn't want me to be itchy the entire time haha. Let your boyfriend know that you don't shave down there to give him a forewarning. Trust me, once he is in you, it won't matter if you have hair down there or not.

    Good luck...And PLEASE make sure to use protection.