Pale skin/dark hair/ green eyes

I have pale skin, long black hair, and green eyes... all natural. What do you guys and gals think of this combination.

IM fine with it. I'm eastern European so this is standard for us, but sometimes I get this look followed by "girl go get a tan"


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  • who cares what they say? cosmetic companies don't even make concealer that's fair enough enough for my skin! I have dark brown hair, hazel/green eyes and skin that is as white as can be, I wouldn't trade it for anything! people like me, who are of eastern european and celtic descent don't look good with tans, it just doesn't suit us. it sounds like you've got the same sort of skin that doesn't take to tanning very well and even if you could tan easily, I doesn't even look that great. so what if I have to wear sunblock 365 days per year? who cares if we can't lay out in the sun and roast? just take good care of your skin because in the end, the girls who were tanning every summer are gonna be the ones with wrinkles when they're 30.

    i think our coloring is striking, if you look at genetics, people who have a lot of melanin in their hair tend to have a lot of melanin in the skin and eyes so that they are of dark complexion, hair, and eyes. our skin tone is rare, and it's even rarer that our other features are dark...we don't have blonde hair and blue eyes. but our coloring meant we were the epitome of beauty back in the day!

    *i'm not dissing any other skin tones or eye color out there, every color is beautiful! =]

    • That's Cool, I've never thought of it that way. I have dark hair and eyes and well, pale skin. I feel more than special right now hahah!

    • Ivarei I loved ur response and you are rite.... I love the way I look, all the superficial stuff is stating to bother me..

      i get numerous compliments on my eyes and hair all the time from guys and girls... and when they ask I can say no I didn't die my hair black and no I don't have contacts on..

      And you are rite its virtually impossible for m to get a tan

      we are def striking and one of a kind.. tx for answering and enjoy ur days


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  • You sound beautiful.

    Good Luck



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  • me exactly except dark brown instead of black..and I burn instead of tan. try spray on if you're desperate for one, but watch out because on our tones it turns orange!

  • Join the club Lajla! :D

  • I have those same looks. I think guys like it.