Why is he scared to come near me?

I have a class with this one guy. I've just recently noticed something. If I'm around he won't come near me. If I'm talking to his friends he will either go sit by himself or he will sit off to the side and wait for me to leave. There was a seat open right in front of me in his group of friends and when he finally came over after hesitating he sat in the other row. His friends don't act like this around me. Why does he act like this around me?


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  • It's possible he doesn't want to impose himself on you (or its just a hazard which made you see a pattern where there isn't one or he doesn't like your hair color or another detail? Like if you're brunette and he prefers red haired girls...)


What Girls Said 1

  • i think he likes you and he's afraid he will make a fool out of himself if he talks to you.good luck.