If your attractive, do you know you're attractive? I'm not talking about myself, but if your just a random person, would you know if your attractive or not?


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  • You can only know if your attractive if you get the opposite sex to notice you. I used to hear it so much from my mom, and I detested the idea that I was "cute" because of that. But the first time I ever saw a girl look at me with a curious eye, everything changed. So it's obvious that the only way you'll ever truly feel attractive or wanted, is when the opposite sex notices you.

    Course it's the opposite for gays ;).


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  • well you know ur cute when people look at you and tell you that, or when guys would check you out. its like you know how cute you are by how much attention you get , of course sluts get attention too, but if ur not dressed like one and only depending on how you look that should b a very good indicator!

  • Yes, based on how the general public responds to your looks. Your friends will always tell you that you look good, but if you're actually fugly, you'll know by the looks on strangers' faces in the subway.

  • Yep I agree with all the other answers-if you get checked out then you're hot and if you don't then you're not lol.