How to look more sexy, less innocent?

But still attractive and neat. Not slutty like people on jersey shore and stuff. I ask this because I look very innocent and 'cute' but I don't like it.


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  • lower cut tightish shirt that shows just enough cleavage but still gives you a bit of innocence. Tight pants like skinny jeans to show off your bum and legs. Also a bit of makeup like subtle colors to accent your eyes and a little nude or semi nude lipstick .It's like sexy innocent, you look hot but still feel comfortable in your skin.

    Hopefully this is helpful :)

    • I'll have to find an alternative for the cleavage part (I have near to no boobs) but the rest is helpful, thanks ^^

    • haha you're welcome :)


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  • T-shirt with jeans and some black heels. Very sexy, and not slutty.

  • We need to know not only what you look like but also what you wear now. Don't give us a description, give us photos

    • basic photo's: link

      my hair's all scraggy, wearing no make-up. Went clubbing yesterday and stayed in today so..

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  • Style your hair. Your hair doesn't look bad, but it's a little too "natural" looking. Either have it sleek, stick straight or curly/wavy. Either way plan on spending some extra minutes in the morning with some hot tools getting ready

    Wear more dramatic makeup. Smokey eye/nude lip is always hot. line your eyes and wear more eye makeup

    Show more skin. Wear tighter clothes, go shopping often so you keep up with trends. Wear short shorts/dresses/skirts, wear low cut clothes. Accessorize more. This is my biggest pet peeve how some girls will have a decent outfit and NOT accessorize.

    Wear heels, the higher the better

    • I'm not really up for hot tools.. my hair's super dry and styling products don't work. Did it for half a year and it took half as long to get healthy and grow again. Trying to find out if there's an alternative for that.

      You're right about the accessories anyway (know I'm guilty lol). I just don't have a lot of things to combine and I don't know what basics would be for accessories..

      maybe you can help me out a bit more. Thanks anyway :)

    • Hey I used to be bad at accessorizing too that's why it bugs me so much lol

      Always wear earrings.a necklace and a bracelet or a ring with every takes your look up a notch. You can find inexpensive jewelry at places like rue 21, Charlotte ruse, charming Charlies just to name a few. Go for colors that coordinate with your outfit and bring out the colors

  • play with your outfit, you can wear a skirt perhaps with a nice top.. so that an outfit will not look slutty I think the common general rule there is that you should only have one focal point like when you wear a short skirt, don't pair it with a revealing top or when you wear revealing top pair it probably with pants etc. :)

  • Wear shirts that show off more of your clevage like v neck tees. Also wear necklaces with them because it gives off a sexy flair. Also wearing a natural smokey eye with pink or nude lips with rosy cheeks and that gives off a sexy yet slightly innocent image. Also wear RED, red is one of those sensual colors and also wear jeans that are tight fighting like skinny jeans.

  • Wear tight jeans,wear light make-up,wear heels,show some cleavage.