did he want to speak to me?

Hello :) I would love some advice on this:)

Basically I have known this guy since September of 2012 in which we happen to be in the same Science class, and we introduced ourselves and since then we happen to have another class together in the second semester and we have been talking much more lately, but then his behavior suddenly changed with me,like for example I would catch him staring at me and then he would look down, he would also share his drawings with me and even sketched my hands for one of his projects, he would also share me with if he had a bad day and his frustrations, so yesterday I was standing waiting for the bus to go home, and that is when I saw him coming towards me, but then my friend may have walked towards me a little faster and she began speaking to me but then from the corner of my eyes he was staring at me and looked quite unhappy and sad and then he ended up not waiting for the bus to arrive and walked away. I was wondering if this means anything? we are both in grade 11 Thank you!


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  • Yes, he did want.


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  • First try to ask him what's wrong, since his been having those bad days. And yes, more likely it seems like he wanted to talk to you but alone.