Why did he come out with this?

iv been hanging out with this guy and we decided to meet up, it was really hot so I took off my jumper and rolled my t shirt sleeves up. when I met him all of sudden he was like why you showing your arms?... paused I said its because I am hot, but just as I was about to finish the answer he was like only joking( he only said joking just cause my expression was like wtf)

why he come out with that question I mean is there a problem with just showing your arms in the sun or like removing a jumper cause your hot.


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  • Well if it was such a hot day, why did you wear a jumper in the first place? HAHA! Caught you out on that one! :P Just kidding...

    Well maybe that same thought actually did cross his mind and he figured that you just wore it so that you could take it off around him, or maybe he hasn't seen a girl ever remove any clothing before and so maybe he felt that he just needed to say something funny or witty, and it just backfired when he said the first thing that came to mind... don't hold it against him ;)

    I've said some pretty stupid sh*t to girls as well a few years ago whenever I was in a new situation that felt a little uncomfortable (not in a bad way) - sort of like trying to tell a joke that you just made up without ever making a punchline for it - so he probably felt like a complete idiot... especially when there are a few other comments that he could have made that would have been a lot more appropriate :P


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  • Because when girls like a guy they try to show as much skin as possible (subconsciously?), he probably knows this so maybe he was just trying to find out if you liked him, weird explanation for his question though, at least by slick about it. He's so awkward around you and he wants to know why you took your jumper off? I suspect he likes you... a lot...


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  • i reckon he was probably just making small talk.. he might like you.