Why would a guy do this?

He's our student body president, good looking guy and quite popular. Apparently a ladies man.

I'm okay looking a little overweight girl.

Anyways I got caught looking at this guy.. *oops* like quite a few times. I ignored him once before when he said something to me. Anyways 4 out of 5 times I got caught looking at him he stared right at me and twice smirked and other times just looked back and stared right into my eyes. And two other times we locked eyes as I was entering an elevator and then a room and he just stared me down, but I didn't return the eye contact.

Why would he do that even though I hear he's a "player" or "ladies man" wouldn't he just talk to me :S. And once I tried talking to him and he diverted his eyes but the next week I saw him walking down the hallway and he noticed me look at him and I quickly diverted my eyes and he turned his head almost and kept looking back at me as he was walking.

1) Did he definitely know I was interested?

2) Did he only return the eye contact to boost his own ego?


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  • Hes a player or ladies man. Doesnt mean he does it by "just talking to them". He has his ways. This is one of his ways.


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What Guys Said 4

  • Don't get obsessive about those cues. Most of the time they mean nothing if you haven't talked with the person.

  • He probably doesn't know you are interested in him. If you talk to him, then he might get to know you better and will work out that you want to spend time with him.

    I would guess that he returned eye contact because you looked at him, so he wondered who was looking at him so looked at you too. Don't read too much into it.


  • I believe he wants to play you. *puts on monocle and smokes bubblepipe*

  • 1. It seems so.

    2. Not at all.


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  • Sounds like you made eye contact with him first and kept looking at him so maybe he sees you as an interested girl or you recognize him as a "ladies man. I'd go with the second one because he didn't try to really talk to you or make a move.