Did I creep him out?

Ok so there's this really ridiculously good looking guy at my job.my employer is really large and we work in different departments so I hardly see him.

Anyway, we were standing in line,I was behind him and I did check him out a lot.but he kept turning around and looked at me about three times. He didn't smile but didn't give me a mean look or anything.

Did I creep him out?I was just checking him out,I was actually trying to be subtle about it but I guess he could tell.i'm kind of embarrassed now


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  • Not really sure how he could've noticed you were checking him out if you were behind him, unless he caught you looking at him up and down just as he turned around lol.

    If he didn't show any reaction to his face, I seriously think he must've not noticed it, or it didn't bother him, or maybe he was so caught up in his own thoughts about something else that he didn't realize you were checking him out. If you were being subtle, I'm sure you had done a good job.

    No need to be embarrassed, though I would imagine if you like this guy you might want to find some more opportunities to be around him a bit more so he will notice you.


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  • It seems so.


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  • I don't think so personally. If anything sounds like he might have been checking you out if he turned around like three times. Sounds like he may have even wanted to talk to you, if he turned around just to look at you. Don't act embarrassed if you can help it--it might make him feel embarrassed or awkward if he may like you...he might take it the wrong way. Just be friendly & relaxed. A polite smile would be nice.