Why do people feel the need to tell me I'm tall?

They're never creative with it either, it's always: "wow you're so tall". I'm 6', I know I'm tall. If you were to replace "tall" with just about any other physical descriptor (short, fat, etc), it usually is considered "offensive". There's not much good that comes with being so tall as a female. They think they're complimenting me but it hurts.

So, to anyone who has used that line "you're so tall", why? And are there any responses that you're expecting to hear...I never know what to say and it's always awkward.


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  • Well I've never said to someone "wow, you're so tall" because I assume they already know how tall they are, so why bother stating the obvious. Especially with girls, I never say it because I know some girl feel self-conscious about their tall height.

    People say to me "you're really short for a guy" or "what's your height? you're quite short" and yes, sometimes pointing out the obvious can make me feel self-conscious and yes, it's always awkward for me too.

    Don't worry about being 6'. I think tall women are beautiful. I'm sure you're no exception to that rule :)


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  • I love tall girls!

  • Perhaps, it's your conspicuous attribute.


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