What can I do in order to reduce my jealously?

I really get pissed off every time I see a guy who is 2 inches shorter than me,or more. It doesn't matter to me if he is gay/str8 fat/thin or young/old...just when I see that,i really want to blow some punches into his face. The reason? I feel like that this bastard is blessed and he makes me feel like I'm cursed. And I'm always having this question...why a man cannot control his height just like weight? It's just ridiculous...we are at 2013,and no technology or medicine for a little thing like this? unacceptable! Anyway,listen to just what happened to me today...i was at the metro station,and I was walking round & round waiting for the metro to come...and then I came across to a guy,who was like only 5'3" or so...not only that,but he wasn't ugly or bad-looking at all. I stopped walking for a moment,looking at him and I was thinking like: "no,no way,it can't be! damn! why this could happen at me? damn you to hell you f*cking bastard,i curse you to grow one foot". I wanted to strangle him,with my own 2 hands! Just who he think he is? Why him and not me? I refuse to accept this! Instead of strangle him,i decided to spit down,just to swallow my fury,and then trying to not look at him...and this is not the first time it happened...it happens constantly. I feel really jealous of those scums...and I'll say it again. Why them,and not me? That's utterly fascistic.


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  • I use to be the jealous type.

    I may still be, but it's all about discipline.

    You may not be able to end your jealousy but THE MOST important thing to do is not show it.


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  • god here are some weird people online...


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  • I think you may want to see a doctor. The kind that favor couches rather than stethoscopes.

  • Wait, you're upset that a guy is shorter than you? Most of the time it's the other way around.

    • Yes but in my case it works the other way round,because of my fetish. I'm a big fan of female domination (not whips and chainsaws though) and I love women dwarfing me, so short guys have got all the luck ;-)