Do you look at all sides before drawing conclusions?

We've all been guilty, at some point or another, of making snap judgments, or snap decisions.

We see and experience a few, or even many, instances that shape how we feel about a certain something, or someone.

We then form our opinions about that something or someone, however biased it may be.

Do you draw your conclusions based on those experiences alone?

Or do you wait to see all sides, all possibilities... and THEN form your opinion or view?

When trying to see all sides, have you ever come out completely undecided and on the fence?

Any thoughts?


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  • Yes I have a tendency to debate different points with myself whether it be political or anything else. I will read up on arguments and counterarguments so much that I end up falling somewhere in the middle ground. Even if I don't agree with something I read up on it to become knowledgeable of the position. I try my best with my own empathy to put myself in the mind of another human being because I think understanding is a beautiful thing.


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  • it depends.

    I'm a human and for that I have prejudices.

    However, I have my own opinions/beliefs and will scrutinise them accordingly.

    If something is subjective, then I will see the other side, but still endorse my own side. If we don't endorse our own values, then what hope is there for us? lol... An example is if drugs should be legalised. I personally believe they should be, but I still understand why some disagree (even though in honesty I think their viewpoints are silly I still respect their right to hold them).

  • You thought about this all day didn't you? =P

  • No, I look about 80% and make a decision already.


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  • Yeah, I used to be really impulsive and short tempered. SO I have been working on judging who people are better, or situations. Then act upon the information I get.