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I met this guy.. and oh my he was one good looking fella! Whole bunch of us peeps when on a trip to Mexico and I met him there.. you know how they say when you see "the one" you know? well my heart did a weird thing when I saw him. well I felt this strange thing around him. I wanted to be around him the whole time. and boy I'm social.. but everything I tried to say something to him.. I would do something stupid..you know how that goes :D anyway this is what I noticed everything I looked at him.. he was looking at me.. you kno? like we would look like couple seconds and then both of us would look away real fast and go the opposite directions.. ofcourse there were my friends there as well.. I admit I was jealous when they talked and he didn't even acknowledge me the "right way" every time we would meet up in the halls.. or on the corners.. and one time I turned around and crashed to him.. and all I said was "hi" he said back but he would look at me but wouldn't say anything.. its what drives me crazy! the only time we had a "conversation" is like when he asked me if I was gonna stay at the house Because he was staying.. but then everybody came into the kitchen and he left.. the thing is..i don't think its jus a crush.. I have this "feelings" and I don't want to if he don't evn like me back! he's from dallas and I live like 6hrs away.. when I said bye to him.. he said bye and looked away.. I hope and pray he didn't think I was stalking him if you know what I mean.. I mean I didn't! I am very goofy.. and serious at the same time they tell me but with him... I felt weird but I liked it! please please tell me that I'm just crazy! :D


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  • i had something like this happen to me, but after 3 weeks my feelings faded. Maybe its because I met new girls and just relaxed. Or maybe I was just desperate. Give it some time for the true answer

  • You're not crazy at all. There's a mutual attraction.


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