Should I buy this E-book or Exercise program for growing taller?

i'm 22 years old, my height is around 5' 4" (165 cm) and I want to get taller, I saw 2 programs which make you taller, the first one called "Grow Taller for Idiots" (btw 'idiots' because it is very easy) is an e-book for 47$ and claims to make you like 4 inch taller in 2 months I guess, and the second program called "The Grow Taller Guru" is for 27$ each month for 3 months and claims to make you grow 3-6 inches in 90 days. check the links



i don't believe in such things quickly, but I saw reviews from people who tried the programs, and they were over 25, and it worked for them (permanent height gain)

so your opinion?

what about the reviews of people who tried it and worked for them?


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  • dont do it, you should do that break your leg surgery where they insert metal rods into your legs

    • Did you see how much it costs?

    • i don't know. type in surgical leg extensions in google I'm sure you'll find something


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  • Just scams. If they worked don't you think people be using that too grow taller. Your height is determined by many factors, but Human Growth Hormone is responsible for making you grow taller. So as your body no longer stimulates the parts of the brains that release that exact hormone, you wouln't grow any more. No amount of exercise is going to change that.

    Like I said I don't see how they can magically grow taller.

  • Don't buy it.

  • Waste of money bro , I'm exactly the same as you . Be happy with our size bro . We build muscle fast ! It's easier for us then the bigger guys , we're the fit ones bro . We're the musclier ones . I tried that E sh*t and it doesn't work

    • But ! A doctor told me to try these couple of things and u'll grow an inch or 2 , I'm kinda seein progress too , swim ! Basketball ! They help . Don't skip a week , try to play them 3 times a week . You might see progress

    • and is it a permanent result?

    • For swimming and basketball yes , or you could do a surgery wich costs you a lot of money