How can an ugly girl have a boyfriend?

I want to know if I can get a boyfriend if I look ugly. I'm not fat (or that skinny) but I look fat because I wear baggy clothes all the time. I have 3 friends that are boys and I get along with everyone some girls say that I look ugly and I'll never get a boyfriend, I try not to listen to them but now its like everyone is dating and in a relationship except me. So I want some tips so that I can have a boyfriend. Can anyone help?


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  • Other girls are full of sh*t. They criticise everyone, including themselves and their best friends.

    I wouldn't worry about it too much.

    If you have 3 friends who are boys and you get along with them.. I'm telling you you're already light years ahead of the other girls.

    Do you know what guys like most in girls? Girls who aren't a pain - girls they can get along with.

    And you sound like you're 95% of the way there already. Ask the 3 guys you're friends with (one at a time) if they would date you in a *casual* way, not in a "Oh my god, I'm in love with you" kind of way. Just so you could have someone to go out with on a Friday night kind of thing.

    I highly doubt that none of them would say yes. I would put good money on the first one you ask, says yes.


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  • Usually, birds of a feather... Outward beauty isn't everything. Bill Gates isn't anything to write grandma about, but he sure lives comfortably.

  • Pray God will help you to.

    But if you do wish to have it for fun it does not matter what advise people give you.

    God comes first, may be this happened for a reason to protect your virginity if you are one.

    boyfriends are headache to those who have them, do not try to be like girls who are around you.

    you are unique and God loves you and he will give you the best man who will love you for ever.

    Try to go to church and help do the work of God with people there. He will show you what is good and help you live for him. I pray with you and to you.

    God open your eyes to see Satan's lies of premature sex in Jesus Holy Name. Amen

    God bless


  • Assuming that you're under 18.

    I would say give it a few more years...You'll be considered sexyy

    I use to be uglier than dirt, but after this year I'm considered immensely attractive to a lot of girls.

    You ever realize how people mention how amazing others look after they haven't seen them since high school?

    Work on your thighs too.

  • Well, you shouldn't listen to them.

    But, you'll be maximizing your chances if you hit on an ugly, single guy.


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  • Change your style or your hair to something more exciting. I'm not saying you should change who you are just try and look more approachable. If this helps there a more ugly girls in couples in my school than hot girls. So jsut talk to other guys and try to flirt with them. playfully touch them and compliment them.

  • Just because someone isn't good looking to you doesn't mean that they are to them