Is it weird to like "barely dressed" women as opposed to completely naked women?

to me, the naked woman though good for sex, doesn't really look all that good...

yes I know,'re gonna say, "oh well what are you talking about dave,naked women are the best", or something like that

but really, I think that women who pride themselves in looking good in the least amount of clothing as they can (without being naked of course) is very sexy cute w/e you want to call it

whether it be for the bedroom (lingerie) or for casual wear (skirts, short shorts etc...) its all good to me

women, do you think its wrong of me to think this, and y or y not?

men, do you agree with me, and why or why not?


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  • not weird at all. barely dressed shows enough to be exciting but leaves some to the imagination.

    • So then why do women make such a big deal out of saying they dress up to just "feel nice"?

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    • True but that's just some people's nature. sometimes we don't think to ask that type of question so if you want something a certain way then just ask for it.

    • Then do that, haha


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  • um. what's the point of your question? I guess either way, if a women is dressed that way, she's probably wanting a particular type of attention.

    So you just have to like go with your own preference. all guys are different. No one can deem your preference as abberent to what you like. Like for me for example I like boxers as opposed to briefs on guys, there's nothing wrong with that. So it's just an opinion, I'm not gonna judge you on that.

    • My point was, is it ok that I like this, a lot of people, say ur conceited or what not...if you like this kind of stuff

  • i don't think so..barely dressed involves mystery.


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  • Barely dressed - defo ; half the fun is in unwrapping the present, the ,mystery, the tension, the anticipation , and it shows a certain amount of game - definitely turns me on more

  • Im the same.. its just some fruit for the imagination.. Not saying I find a naked girl ugly but I like some exploration :)