Why do guys, espacially tall ones like to tease me because I'm short?

I noticed that any guy who's interested in me or who's my friend, the average height ones don't say anything about my height, but the tall ones Love to tease me because I'm short. And for some reason they wanna wrestle with me -_-. It doesn't makes me feel sad or anything, but I'm curious why? LOL, and any good comebacks to tall guys? They tease me with bunch of jokes about short girls, and I don't know how to make fun of their height -_-


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  • i hav no comebacks to help unfortunately lol, all I say is, you guys are so mean:(

    i know the feeling. in school my guy friends would pretty much make a circle around and short girl and they'd pretend to be looking for her by looking over the top of her head lol. its pretty funny... when its not happening to me 0:)

    idk why they do it, depends on their intention. could be jus warmhearted fun or flirtation:P


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  • wrestle? aren't they only trying to touch you? make jokes about tall guys like hows the weather up there or somethinglike that.

    • lol, I know it's strange, which is why I'm asking this. They know I like sports and stuff, so maybe that's why they wanna do it, but I honestly am not sure.

  • It's usually their way of flirting.

    • haha! by making fun of me?

  • Im sure they are all flirting with you.