Belly Ring infection?

I had my belly ring pierced two months ago and I've been cleaning it with protex soap as I was told to do.

A couple of days ago I noticed a red bump underneath my lower hole (inside the belly button). I went to my piercer to check it out and he said it was red from over cleaning and the bump was a keloid. tonight, though, the bump burst open and blood came out and now it looks like flesh is exposed. I couldn't see any puss though... does anyone have any idea what it is or what I should do?


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  • I have two belly button rings, and I have occasionally gotten a bump like this behind the lower one. Make sure that when you clean your jewelry, you take it out and let it sit in some witch hazel. I usually do so when I shower once a week, and the rest of the time just clean it like I would the rest of my body. Second, make sure the jewelry is good, and not too cheap. Third, make sure it is the right size. A lot of times these bumps can be caused by the ball rubbing against the skin and creating a rash that becomes infected, or from a cheap metal that irritates the skin.

    • The hole hasn't healed yet though... so I'm not sure how to clean the open wound now.. any advice?


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  • It is what your piercer said, a keloid. Do not touch it, just leave it. Buy some Tea tree oil as soon as you can. Use the tea tree oil on it. Do not rotate the jewellery until it is healed, or until you are in the bath or shower and carefully clean the hoop prior to moving it. Wear a hoop only until it is healed. After it's healed you can worry about buying all those 'cute' dangly things that girls like for some reason.

    • Thanx =) dangly ones are pretty...

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  • Well that sounds unpleasant. I would go to your doctors and have him look at it. He may even send you to a dermatologist.