Do stretch marks ever go away?

I'm not big I'm about 5'2 160 lbs... everything thinks I look fine but I don't like it I wear about a 10 or 12 right now. I've been on a major diet... Show More

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  • First of all, let me commend you for attemting a new lifestyle. I think you will find its worth it.

    Every girl has stretch marks, and if a girl says they dont, she is lying. They are natural. However, you can make them appear less noticeable by putting on self tanner, or my putting on lotion daily in the areas where you're worried about stretch marks happening.

    As for diet, continue with portion control and eating healthy foods. Those alone can make a huge difference. Don't do a major diet, but just eat healthier foods and in smaller portions. Have one serving instead of two. Have fruit instead of ice cream, or a water instead of a soda. This is not a diet, this is a lifestyle that you should continue throughout your life. Enjoy veggies, fruits, lean meats, fish, rice and beans.

    As for exercise, a combination of cardio and weight training is ideal. Cardio will build lung capacity and you will notice a drop in weight from that, and you will build an overall tone. With weight training, you will ton in specific areas. You will not bulk up so no worries. With this combination you will lose and tone body fat at the same time.

    Hope this works for ya!