Do stretch marks ever go away?

I'm not big I'm about 5'2 160 lbs... everything thinks I look fine but I don't like it I wear about a 10 or 12 right now. I've been on a major diet and exercise thing for about 3 weeks now and started out in a 14. I've always had a problem with being slightly overweight I should be around 130 and having stretch marks..but I've been working really hard trying to loose it any tips? But my question is how to get rid of stretch marks? How do you tighten up your skin? And if exercise does it they just fade away? I got them on my boobs my legs my sides backside of my arms. And its embarrassing


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  • First of all, let me commend you for attemting a new lifestyle. I think you will find its worth it.

    Every girl has stretch marks, and if a girl says they dont, she is lying. They are natural. However, you can make them appear less noticeable by putting on self tanner, or my putting on lotion daily in the areas where you're worried about stretch marks happening.

    As for diet, continue with portion control and eating healthy foods. Those alone can make a huge difference. Don't do a major diet, but just eat healthier foods and in smaller portions. Have one serving instead of two. Have fruit instead of ice cream, or a water instead of a soda. This is not a diet, this is a lifestyle that you should continue throughout your life. Enjoy veggies, fruits, lean meats, fish, rice and beans.

    As for exercise, a combination of cardio and weight training is ideal. Cardio will build lung capacity and you will notice a drop in weight from that, and you will build an overall tone. With weight training, you will ton in specific areas. You will not bulk up so no worries. With this combination you will lose and tone body fat at the same time.

    Hope this works for ya!


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  • Without some sort of surgical procedure stretch marks never really go away. But they can definitely be faded enough so they are barely noticeable. This can be accomplished with exercise (which you're already doing), stretch mark creams, and staying hydrated. As far as tightening your skin goes that usually comes with time, especially if you keep your skin hydrated, and your body hydrated. I have more info on my site if you wanna come check it out at link Well I hope my answer helps, and good luck with your diet and losing weight!


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  • They don't go away but they do fade. Cocoa butter helps. Do you tone up? Throw in some weight sessions every other workout session. Don't lift too much or you'll bulk up.

  • hmmm. I heard using emu oil is very helpful. you can buy it from natural health food stores. or just take vitamin e supplements

  • So, I never had stretch marks until I gave birth but they came with a vengence so I feel your pain. They can fade but they never really go away per say. You can exfoliate them with a body brush before you get in the shower while the skin is still dry. This helps to speed up the circulation in the area and also acts as a demabrasion. Lavendar oil mix with pure Coco Butter works decently too. I also use AHA 10 which is like a chemical peel and that seems to be fading them. I hear Strivecten works nicely too but it is kind of expensive. You can also ask your doctor for a Retina A perscription. That supposedly works.Don't distress, they don't define who you are.

  • use bio oil! it relaly really does help and it's proven to work. hope it helps!

  • u can fade them with bio oil

    u can get it from the chemist


    thats a link to what I mean :]

  • I use to have the same problem, there are creams and stuff that can help make them fade and make them almost invisible. Try those, but I don't know if they go away on their own.

  • Exercise like pilates tightens up everything and bio-oil which you can find at any drugstore will help your stretch marks. I also just use a self tanner to hide mine. Works every time.

  • First off, try to find friends to do a sport with you. You'll lose a lot more weight and it'll be a lot easier for you to work out when you're having fun doing so. It's usually pretty difficult with the arms, so maybe something that requires you to use more arm muscles will do best. Swimming is always pretty good and fun, and perfect for summer. And during a week you might not want to do that, try something like basketball or baseball. It's also a good way to meet new people.

    And if that's just not your thing, even biking is better. Just try biking down to a friend's house or something instead of taking a car.

    Stretch marks do go away to a point. You might be able to feel it if you concentrate on finding them, but you won't be able to notice them. Just work up some muscle and nobody will care or notice.

    The most difficult thing for a lot of people is for them to be happy with how they look. It may sound stange, but try taking some self confidence classes. They really do help, and I've noticed a lot more people like it when you're more confident with yourself as well. When you're more happy with the way you look, you may not notice it but your posture will get better, making you look even more slender as well. You'll feel better, have more fun, and it's really worth it.

  • They never go completely away but they do fade