Do you have days when you don't feel pretty?

U know how some girls don't feel pretty on some days but do on others

1.Do you have days like that

2.Do you think ur pretty,average or cute

3. Do I look cute ugly are average(based on my profile pics)


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. Of course, I have my days where I'm just not feeling good and it seems to show on my face. Days that I don't want to deal with people, basically lol. Then I have days where I feel totally awesome and confident haha.

    2. I would say I'm average most of the time (I have my moments where I think I'm gorgeous or hideous lmao, but usually just average).

    3. Hah and you're cute, I don't think I've seen anyone that was genuinely ugly or something :p


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What Girls Said 3

  • 1. Yes, usually on days when I wake up late and literally run out in my pjs.

    2. I get called "cute" a lot (short, baby faced, likes to roll in piles of crunchy leaves, etc.) but I consider myself average.

    3. You look handsome.

  • 1. Don't we all

    2. I let others decide that, I'm not that into giving myself compliments lol

    3. Do you really need that reassurance? Of course your cute!

  • 1. Everyday of my life is like that.

    2. Ugly...was that an option? It is for me

    3. Yea, your a good looking cat.


What Guys Said 2

  • Rather than calling it pretty I'll answer with the "confidence" adjective instead.

    1. Yes, usually it's days where I'm stressed and havn't showered.

    2. I have a baby face and usally called cute.

    3. You are Handsome which is a good quality as you look respectable.

  • 1) of course, usually when I really can't be bothered.

    2) probably average.. never really thought about my looks

    3) of course you are cute, you the kinda guy my little sister should date not some thug wannabe who is an "aspiring" "gangsta rapper.." but in probably has a future as a cleaner at his school.