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It may be a reach her, but I have a vibe that a coworker likes me. Lots of signals here and there, but can be up and down with me. I notice that she will look out of the corner of her eye, or look over at me and smile when she is talking to other guys. Why? Also, our department is mostly guys, I am relatively new, but we all go out for department lunches on occasion. She seems to act weird telling me she is going to ride by herself because she has to run errands after lunch (she's done this the last couple of lunch meetings). She is pretty shy so maybe she's afraid of driving with someone. Last time she turned to me and said "i'm going to ride by myself because I need to go to the bank" I was like "uhhh okkkk" LOL What stood out to me the most was that our intern needed a ride and she looked at me out of a whole group of guys to see if he could ride hitch a ride with us (the guys). Which was totally fine, I know this is weird but I was thinking "why are you asking only me?" Like why did she pinpoint me as the one, like I was the leader of the group or something (I'm not). Being some what of the new guy, I'm not sure why I was focused on. Any observations or thoughts ladies? Thanks!


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  • i think maybe you should ask her to ride together and you should try to be her firned before even flirting because that way she will be more comfortable around you


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  • Have you ever tried asking her if you could ride with her. This is a pretty far stretch, but I'm wondering why she is telling you she is driving alone? Is it because she wants you to come with her? Or is she supposed to ride with you?

    If she is shy, and is smiling and talking to you she may like you, she may feel really comfortable around you and just see you as a friend. But I think it's more. Ask her out! Keep us updated :)

    • LOL! She is a strange girl that I cannot figure out! I really don't understand it, why she told me directly the first time, because I would have never assumed I would be riding with her, I always ride with all the guys. The second time she did it in a group, walked up and stood right next to me while looking at her phone and says "I'm need to ride alone, I've got errands to run" It def sparked my curiosity, I feel like she is making it obvious about something, I just can't figure out what?!

    • Does she deal drugs on her lunch break or something lol? (Jk btw)

      Yeah it's weird , but if you get the vibe, ask her out! :)

  • yes, she wants you to go with her and have alone time with you.


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