Do you like baby faced guys? also do you have any fashion advice?

I'm trying to live with the fact that I have a baby face. I tried pulling a beard but it didn't work very well I only chin hair and light mustache so I tried a goatee and it didn't suit me at all girls do you like baby faced guys? also do you have any fashion advice? maybe hair cuts or something makes me look more mature and masculine or just something that you think looks good on baby faced guys

I will really accept your opinion if you don't like baby faces..I will also love your fashion advice


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  • Don't stress too much about it. Some guys look good with facial hair, some don't. It's all opinion and perspective. Personally, I find that I prefer guys with a smooth face, even if there are guys out there that can rock a beard or mustache. Besides, kissing a guy with any facial hair at all can range from feeling like kissing sandpaper to a dog. And the best thing that looks good on a baby faced guy is a smile. Seriously. Pouty, sad faces only enhance the baby look. Smiling makes you look young without the childishness.

    • Smiling? well I got the joker's smile I only need his make up lol..but I don't care usually when people are smiling to others they leave a nice impression so it's good


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  • yea baby face is nice .. uh and its really good you know why ... lma inta tkbr esir 3mrk 30 you will look like 27 .. :)

  • yea they are cute!


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