Is it all in my head?

Is this all in my head? I can't get an accurate read on this girl I work with. She is shy ad pretty quiet normally. When I first started I'd catch her looking at me all the time. Then I'd say hi when I passed her in the halls and she would blush, fidget, nervous, and ramble and stammer over her words. Over time she has opened up to me.. I always feel like she makes an effort to bump Ito me in the mornings and we chat most days. She always seems excited to see me and I'm pretty sure I've caught her checking me out a time or two. The thing is she has a pretty serious boyfriend and she's hot and cold with me up and down. She seems to get jealous if I look or talk about other girls. I can't ask her out, but it confuses the hell out of me. Sometimes I second guess myself, like its all in my head. Am I crazy? Can someone tell me what this girl is thinking?


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  • She likes you. But she doesn't want to break up with her boyfriend for some reason. Try asking her about her bf.. you know, about how serious they really are.. and if she's happy. She'll open up and let you know if you have a chance... if you want it.

  • I don't think you are crazy, just confused, just talk to her more.


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