Handsome / Beautiful or Sexy / Toned

As the question says how would you like your man or woman to be. Handsome / Beautiful or do you look first at the body type / shape.

I'm asking for plain attraction not love and relationships which may come later.

I'd anyday prefer a sexy / toned body over looks which are added bonus when it comes to that :D

Ofcourse like beauty even liking for type of body depends on the beholder so we aren't sticking to the general understanding of beauty and sexy. It depends on how you view each as.

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  • Sexy / Toned
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Most Helpful Girl

  • cant he be handsome and sexy? lol...

    ok uhmm well based on attraction ALONE [even though it isn't the most important thing for me] id say that id want him to be handsome.. he doesn't necessarily have to be William Levy for me to be interested:) I mean if he's toned and that then I'm not complaining lol.

    but yeah id rather him have that handsome, rugged and dignified look about him. I dig that 0:)


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What Girls Said 1

  • Handsome. In looks and personality. If he has a nice heart the inner beauty would outshine the outer beauty. As for the body I'd like him to be sexy and fit. But that's not important. He can make a fit, toned body anytime but good looks they come only once.


What Guys Said 3

  • I like cute girls.

  • umm, *shrugs* beautiful I guess. But beautiful to me incorporates personality. If you're physically attractive, but have a sh*t personality, I will never ever call you beautiful.

  • Russian blondes with tits and well all of em have an ass so:-p