Girls, Is cross-dressing this acceptable?

I was talking to a female friend of mine recently, and she made the comment that she likes to go to the vintage clothing store and "dress up like a boy" just because she finds it to be fun. She doesn't buy the clothes, just in the fitting room.

Anyway, during the conversation, I said "I can only imagine how different this conversation would be if I were the one talking about cross-dressing." To which she replied, "So much funnier."

Then a few days later, it came up again somehow, and I was sort of stating why I wouldn't ever try it (it's just not my thing, no problem with people that enjoy it) and mentioned that I have no fashion sense. She said "Fashion sense doesn't matter, just throw on a dress."

So girls, is she just being silly, trying to egg me into trying it so she can laugh at me. Is there something that you all actually find cool about it? In other words, what's going on here?


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  • It's fine for a costume party or something where you're clearly ripping the piss.

    My brothers used to run into my room and grab bras and skirts, put them on and run around the house screaming in a high pitched voice "I'm a girl, look at my boobies". That was funny and clearly not because they wanted to pretend they were girls for real. Also ruined all my clothes.

    But serious cross-dressing you should keep to yourself. You'd be hard pushed to find a partner that would accept that. I wouldn't.


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  • well,maybe she's into that sort of thing,but people also just do it for fun sometimes. plenty of men enjoy wearing dresses,it's worth a try,just so you know what it's like

    • I don't doubt it, but personally I've just never had any urge or curiosity about it. Completely neutral. I am of Scottish heritage and have worn kilts before, and speedos and stuff. I've got no problem wearing "different" clothes, just never wanted to try out women's.

  • I have worn my boyfriends boxers around the house and to bed, and I have worn his button down shirts, and being silly he has tried on my panties,

  • Well it what she finds fun. I don't think any should be able to say if it is 'acceptable' since she ain't breaking any laws and it's for fun. Even if it wasn't for fun why would there be a problem.

  • I dressed like a man for Halloween once.

    But it's hard for me because of a big chest.

    I didn't enjoy it for being a man though. I'm pretty happy dressing as a woman and prefer when people know I'm a woman, haha!

    • Why you did not enjoy being a man?

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    • I think that a guy being a woman for will have a more uncomfortable time.

    • It wasn't uncomfortable, I just like being and looking like a woman since I feel like a woman.

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