Guys, do you have or want soft skin?

I noticed that almost most girls around my area, including me, have really soft, smooth skin, and I'm wondering if guys have soft skin too. Like those that look muscular don't look like they do, but I don't know.


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  • my hands are literally as rough as sandpaper I play guitar so I have callouses on my fingers and fingertips and I work with wire and in a trade so my whole hands are just rough and manly as f***...

    like the only people with rougher hands than me are like 40 year old carpenters and roofers...

    usually the really muscular guys have soft skin because all they do is like health sh*t and I've also noticed a trend like nowadays A LOT of guys will actually used hand moisturizers like girls...

    • ahh, I remember when I took beginners guitar. It was so Hard. I couldn't move the strings fast because my fingers weren't made for guitar at all. and it hurt :(

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    • i took that course one semester. turns out I'm not a music person.. lol

    • aw too bad it so fun lol I love it...


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  • I have woman hands

  • Guys never think about it or care.

  • not compared to girls whos skin is much softer and smoother.


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