Ladies, would knowing more about a guy change your initial perception of him?

Say that I look kinda skinny ( not like bony skinny) and I don't look that great initially to you. But then after we talk for a bit, and you figure out that I work out and I can bench 225lbs, and squat max 270lbs and I am quite intelligent who love certain reasonably good hobbies and is a real nice and smart and intelligent guy( able to hold up intellectual conversations) and I can also fight (as in I know martial arts), would that change your initial negative perception of me? Because sometimes I meet a girl at a party and I feel like I'm not physically attractive enough to get her but I'm also never sure if she's willing to get to know more about me than just my physicals.


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What Girls Said 1

  • It all depends on the girl. Some care more about the appearances, some care more about the personality.


What Guys Said 1

  • You could bench more than Arnold Schwarzenegger, found a cure for Cancer, and Chuck Norris is your dad---it all wouldn't matter to girls, especially the younger ones. Looks, looks, looks!