Why would a women in her 40+ do implant surgeries?

not to be judgmental or anything, I am just curious. and its not like I don't appreciate it either.

anyway, at my job the other day I saw a really hot milf walk in who was well over 40. she looked so damn gorgeous for her age but looking at her from head to toe you could tell from a mile away that she had her boobs and her booty done.

so yea, my question is that why would a women over 40 do implants on herself. I would of though that by the age of 40 women used to slow down, put their complexity to rest and focus on the serious part of life. so like I said earlier I'm just curious in why...


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  • Upkeep..security, self esteem. who knows.

  • probably so that guys like you would still find her to be 'so damn gorgeous'.

    • ooooh! than I should really make a move on her next time

  • society demands women look youthful while they can with some little bit of help


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  • A lot of women have put off the fun part of their life for the sake of family and kids..

    \by age 40, the kids are pretty much grown, maybe even away from the house..suddenly she is free to spread her wings!

    Some women then want to relive their youth. They think they have to look like they did 20 years ago.

    Silly, maybe, since it's obvious they are artificially enhanced, and they'd be better off working with what they have rather than pretending to be 20 again, but many won't listen to that advice!