Guys, once again you are confusing me? Staring??

So, my brother and I both just started a new high school. I think I'm decently pretty, but I've never had a great body, I've always been naturally very thin and I have boobs, but I'm a 32A. In my last school pretty much no guys paid attention to me and now at my new school, guys keep staring at me and my brother said he say me when I walked down the hall, most of the guys looked at me. Naturally I feel it would have been because of something embarrassing and it makes me self conscious. Also in class, I've looked up and a few guys will be looking at me, some turn away right away, some turn away right away and two seconds later look back at me, some stare for a few seconds, and some just keep on staring. How do I know what each stare means, or do they all mean the same? And why would I be getting so much more attention?


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  • Maybe because men aren't the same. Those guys at your other school could have had certain preferences that you didn't meet. Now at this school you could meet the preferences of the guys there, thus having them stare at you a lot. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

  • "A is for awesome!" =P


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