Where to buy shoes?

I'm sure this is a strange question for a guy to be asking, but I'm very invested in the clothes I wear and looking nice.

I'm looking for shoes (Preferably, flip flops) that will fit my feet. I'm a very special case because I have size 8 1/2 feet (Men's, lol) but they are wide.. Like.. 4 1/4 inches wide. This is because of my height (Oh if I could tell you about the stories.. Being made fun of for being 6'3'' with size 8 feet!)

Now I find that the flip flops that I want to wear (They're super comfy. :D) have my feet hanging off the edges of them by a centimeter or two. I've tried getting bigger ones (Hopping up to the 10/11 range) and my feet are still hanging off. If I go any higher, I know it's going to look weird.

If anyone can help me resolve my wide foot shoe issues, I'd really appreciate it! >=O

To be honest, none of these places have shoes that are quite wide enough but I've noticed with my weight loss that my feet have lost some width. I pretty much got it covered, thanks girls and dude.


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  • Maybe search where you can find rainbow sandals where you live. They're my favorite, my brother got me hooked on them. I bought mine at the factory but they're in some Pac Sun stores sometimes and you should be able to get them online.


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  • try zappos.com

    they have a HUGE range of sizes, widths, and styles so you should be able to find something! Plus they have free shipping AND return shipping so if it doesn't work for you you can send it back at their expense :)

  • Try Payless Shoes, Try Aldo, Try Sears, I don't know if you guys have The Bay but that one is in Canada, flip flops can be found at Old Navy as well.

  • Try to always purchase something from a local store with community ties that sells well made durable shoes. A sturdy aquatic shoe would probably wrangle in you feet swimmingly.

    China made shoes are for Losers.

    • But those funny chinese hats are the absolute bomb diggidy!

  • hollister


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