What are some hair styles and products I can use on my hair?

I had braids for over year, but back in May I took the braids and decided I wanted to get my hair straightened, which was the biggest mistake of my life. Even though the stylist used a lot of heat protectant I still ended up with heat damage, I was so upset. Two years ago, I started wearing braids because of heat damage and I wanted to leave my hair alone and fast forward, the same thing happened again smh. I don't really use a lot of heat now because of it so I try to do styles where I'm not using heat, but it's pretty much the same hair styles and I want to try something else. Do you guys have any suggestions? And what products can I use to keep my hair moisturized?

Here are the styles that I wear:





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  • Oh no, you asked this question 17 days ago and didn't get any feedback!

    First of all, I will note that I am a black American male (so you know that this answer does apply to our grade of hair). My sister (who is also a black American) started going natural with her hair, as in abstaining from perming it and using straighteners. I asked her, and she told me this is what she does:

    She uses coconut oil (not hair product, the actual cooking oil at the grocery store; comes in a jar and it looks like shortening) as well as olive oil (yes the cooking oil) in her hair everyday (I presume once in the morning and once in the evening).

    She washes her hair once a week (said she doesn't have to wash it much), and she says she only needs a flat iron to do her hair, or the curling iron if she wants to curl it (doesn't need the presser comb because her hair is so manageable).

    So yes, my sister only uses coconut oil and olive oil in her hair and doesn't use any other products and her hair imo does look healthier and better. :)


    Hopefully this helps you! ;-)

  • You could put a Gerbil on your head and you'd still look good. Any kind of hair will be fine.


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