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I think she likes me but... what do I do now?

Well there is the girl I'm really starting to like. We have been hanging out with all of our friends (we both have the same group of friends) this... Show More

She told me the other day that she plans on coming to my formal still.

What Girls Said 1

  • I think she definately takes you as a friend and therefore wants to be a part of your life...and I've also got quite a strong feeling that she might like you (all that sitting in your lap, nicknames etc.). Usually girls don't do that sort of a thing unless they hoped for anything more from the relationship. So my advice..if you like her, let her know somehow. Otherwise it would just go on and on as it is and you'll never find out, whether there is more...

What Guys Said 1

  • well my dude, it sounds like you just been a good friend. See, some women commonly think we do that kinda stuff ( pay for meals, give advice, talk to them) and take it as innocent because we want to be friends. That is of course a croc, so I think at this point you gotta kinda spell it out for her. ask her out on a real 1 on 1 date on a "I like you and I wanna get to kno you" kinda vibe, you feel me?

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