I think she likes me but... what do I do now?

Well there is the girl I'm really starting to like. We have been hanging out with all of our friends (we both have the same group of friends) this past month and a half or so. I am just trying to figure out if she is interested or not, and if she is, how do I tell her I am too. I keep getting the vibe she is, but I want to have a better idea on whether or not to go for it. Here are some of the things she has done which makes me think she's into me: (1) She initiates almost all of our conversations, and we have talked for the past month pretty much every day. She asks me for advice, calls/texts me just to see how I'm doing. She recently went on a vacation and kept talking to me the whole time she was out of town; (2)She is always coming close to me or touching me when we see each other, she always sits next to me, bumps into my arm, tries to tickle/hit me messing around, resting her legs in my lap when we sit next to each other, actually sitting in my lap, she crosses her legs towards me while bouncing her foot, comes up to me and rest her arm on my shoulder while her hand rubs my chest, and so on; (3)she is supposed to be going to my formal (sort of like a prom) with me. I asked her and she answered yes immediately with no hesitation. She keeps telling me about her dress and asking about the event, etc. She tried to get off work (she put in for the day off 2 weeks before the event, and the formal isn't until mid may) but it ends up she has to work. She said she still wants to go but doesn't know for sure yet if she can (she said "I want to go. I'll see what I can do."); (4)she has taken an interest in the kind of music I listen to, very different from her tastes;(5)she comes up with nicknames for me (boo,hun,sugar);(6)when we are with all of our friends she focuses on me, always watching what I do or where I go, following me and pretty much never leaving my side; (7)she will ask me to do her favors, such as bringing her something or just help her out; (8)she asks me if I noticed her new hair style and if I liked it or not. What bothers me is that she couldn't get off work yet for my formal.This past weekend, we were supposed to go get ice cream together before we went to hang out with all of our friends again for a little party. She said she wasn't feeling too hot so we nixed the idea, but ended up eating a ton of food at the party. Am I just misreading signals? When we started hanging out with all of our friends, she was getting over a recent relationship with a guy that treated her pretty bad. So the first week or so we were talking, she was asking for advice and basically just needed a shoulder to cry on. Since then though, she has not mentioned him at all, let alone any other guys. I have paid for her dinner before and she has bought mine before too, but I took this more as an independent thing rather then making sure she didn't owe me anything. I am getting the feeling now that she just likes the attention/playing games. Help me please

She told me the other day that she plans on coming to my formal still.


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  • I think she definately takes you as a friend and therefore wants to be a part of your life...and I've also got quite a strong feeling that she might like you (all that sitting in your lap, nicknames etc.). Usually girls don't do that sort of a thing unless they hoped for anything more from the relationship. So my advice..if you like her, let her know somehow. Otherwise it would just go on and on as it is and you'll never find out, whether there is more...


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  • well my dude, it sounds like you just been a good friend. See, some women commonly think we do that kinda stuff ( pay for meals, give advice, talk to them) and take it as innocent because we want to be friends. That is of course a croc, so I think at this point you gotta kinda spell it out for her. ask her out on a real 1 on 1 date on a "I like you and I wanna get to kno you" kinda vibe, you feel me?