Can she really think I'm hot and act terrified of me?

Ok I met this girl at my college and someone told me after I left she talked about how I was hot. She is a pretty girl so I would definitely like to get to know her and give it a chance.

But whenever I go to talk to her she looks at the floor or away and acts super uncomfortable. Even when we are hanging out with mutual friends and I need to leave she will suddenly start looking away and acting like I'm not there.

One time I looked over at her and she had just been staring at me weird, then she immediately looked at the floor. But like recently when I was telling a story to some other people she was there and got super excited and was giggling and kept asking me all these questions. But then when I try to talk to her she just kind of stares blankly.

I don't know what to do :/ Sometimes I feel like she thinks I'm creepy but then I've heard she likes me?!?!?


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  • no se doesn't like you...she REALLY likes you, I think she thinks you are the most hot guy there is right now lol she just doesn't know how to have enough confidence and tell you so get her fb if she has one and talk to her on there or just approach her in school and ask her lol


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  • "acting like I'm not there." it's a sign of interest. When people really like someone they tend to ignore them.


What Guys Said 2

  • She is shy that is why she doing that but she does think you are attractive.

  • Maybe just ask her on a fun date or ask her to study together.