Do you like conservative guys?

I met this really conservative guy online 4 years ago and I was CRAZY about him. He would never look me in the eye when I was talking to him because he was thought it was immodest and he chose me over my best friend who looked 10x better than me because he thought I was more chaste than her. And he was so classy about everything. When I needed a place to stay four years later and could not use my credit card (since it was being traced by police) I went to the hotel he worked at to ask for a free room and I saw a guy with the same body type as him but the face was slightly different. I don't think that was him but there are very few guys with his body type. He might have been a brother or cousin of his.


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  • Wouldn't look you in the eye? What the f***? I'm pretty conservative but damn, that's next level.


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  • I do not like guys like this at all. I'm semi dating a conservative guy and it's not one of my favorite things about him, let's put it that way.